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old ships you forgot you loved that come back and just punch you right in the face


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I’m not okay

crying like a fuckingidiot ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Literally me


Friend: What fandoms are you in?

Me: image

Every time!! How I’ve been feeling for a few days now. I don’t see this wearing off for a minute XD #holygrail
#rp honestly
Boobies 
Guess what XD 
I’m having a pretty amazing day today  
Actually it’s been a pretty awesome weekend so far  Time with my sisters is the best. I love you girls so much XD @mrs_lizardo @_dirty_diana_ you guys are the best sisters anyone can have. And thank you Pricila for the lovely surprise. It’s beautiful #SisterPower #ftw #wereprettyfuckingamazing #ilovemysistaaaaaas 
Wait what #tophooker
So I’m just gunna leave this here 
But my heart 
I was stuck anyway #iWASdrawing #LazyLuna 
All these things that I’ve done
Oh man. You’re in my dreams  @ash_armand